Stella Talpo (Credit: Aks Huckleberry)
Dank, subdued pop with a rich sense of atmosphere...

Brixton newcomer Stella Talpo is moving to the next level.

The vocalist took centre stage on 2017's 'GIRL', a rich slice of neo-soul dominated by her stunning delivery.

Heading straight back into the studio, new single 'Greys' finds her expanding those horizons once again, a confident, intoxicating return.

Grappling with her shadow self, the suggestive nature of the songwriting sits in contrast to that pointed, striking vocal.

Reminiscent of Erykah Badu in a London setting, the poised, pared back arrangement uses constraint as an instrument in itself.

Stella explains...

"'Greys' is a song about seducing someone out of the addiction they’re using to avoid facing their demons. I wrote it at a time when I was finding it difficult to connect with someone and get them to let go of their defences and well, let me in, because they didn’t want to see what lay beneath the surface either. I wanted to expose the fear people have of facing their shadow, aka Greys..."

Tune in now.

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