Delicious pop music of a vintage only Scandinavian artists can master...

Sportsman - real name Per Magnusson - had never made an album before, never committed to the full length format.

So when he decided to focus on a full length, the Swedish artist knew he wanted it to be just a little bit special.

Sessions took place with alt-R&B comrade HNNY (Johan Cederberg), and the two began conjuring musical shapes on the blissful Swedish island of Öland.

New album 'Neverland' is incoming, a collection of bleached out pop hymns delivered with painterly charm.

Clash is able to premiere 'White Shark', and it's directly inspired by those long days on Öland. Per explains:

"'White Shark' is about wanting something, even though you know it's bad for you. We recorded it on Öland. The horizon was this shade of blue and white and Johan said: ”This song should have that colour. And it should take place underwater.”

Wonderfully intoxicating, you can check it out below.

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