Kim Gordon Designed Wardrobe

Sonic Youth bassist and fashion icon Kim Gordon is set to launch her new fashion range Mirror / Dash - an online fashion boutique for "cool moms".

The bassist was a founding member of the band, and unusually for a rock star has shied away from sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll to raise a family with fellow Sonic Youth member Thurston Moore.

Kim Gordon previously ran the clothing company X-Girl, an attempt to bring grunge and alternative fashion (such as it was) into the mainstream. That company had limited success, and this new venture is seemingly aimed at a much older customer.

Currently, only one item is available to buy form the Mirror / Dash online store - a wool coat inspired by French singer Francoise hardy. Only 50 of the jackets will be made, with Gordon commenting to the New York Times that "some people make limited-edition records - we're making a limited-edition jacket."

Kim Gordon's Mirror / Dash range is available online now.

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