Snack Villain
Biting production and stream-of-consciousness lyrics...

Snack Villain is one of Scotland's more curious musical figures, a thorn in the sound of complacency for some time now.

Working in the nexus between DIY indie, post-punk, hip-hop, and more, he's ready to give this heady brew of influences another swig on his next release.

A broad return that continually presents the unexpected, the EP refuses to be pinned down into any one category.

'Tick, Tick, Tick' is an example of this: from the purring bass line to the frenetic drums, it's a visceral, pulse-quickening experience.

The stream-of-consciousness lyrics are part Joe Strummer and part Irvine Welsh, mangling language until it shatters into fresh piece.

Despite its skewed, experimental nature 'Tick, Tick, Tick' remains a sort of pop song at heart, an infectious, ever-energetic display.

Tune in now.

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