He would legalise weed and slap Jonathan Ross in the face...

slowthai has revealed he wants to become Prime Minister one day.

The incendiary Northampton rap talent met Julie Adenuga for her Beats 1 show, and the conversation quickly turned political, albeit in an off piste fashion.

Asked if he wanted to run for Prime Minister he responded: "'I will stop bunning weed when they make me Prime Minister. You know, in life you gotta put stuff into the universe. I’m gonna be the Prime Minister one day. You'll see they'll be like: rah this guy, not only did he win 30 Grammys and won a Mercury, he slapped Jonathan Ross in the face!"

slowthai continued: "So I would pretty much do a lot to benefit this country and I think the reason why you should vote for me is because you would waste your time and vote for some cunt who don't understand the people..."

"I ain't got all the knowledge I ain't got all the economics, I ain't got all the grades, I ain't a grads student, but I'll tell you what I got, I got a heart. A heart of steel, a heart of gold, I'll be the superman, I am my own hero, I do my own stunts."

Asked who he'd most like to slap, slowthai looked to a former Top Gear presenter: "'Jeremy Clarkson. I’m just going for war… Russell Brand... like everyone out here can get it."

So what would PR slowthai's policies actually be? "First off I'm going to start putting money into prisons," he explained. "What I'm going to do in prisons is I'm gonna teach ex cons if you want to label them, but they're just people who'd made wrong decisions in life or got queues and I'm going to teach them how to teach. Also, I'd legalise weed. And control it, because then it would take away from this conservative point of view and tax."

Current Prime Minister Theresa May, however, would get a softer response. "I will give her a hug," he explains, "and I would say: Theresa yeah, you don’t understanding nothing!"

Check out some highlights below.

Photo Credit: Ben McQuaide

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