And he loved it!
Slaves x Julie Adenuga

Slaves new album 'Take Control' boasts an actual Beastie Boy at the controls - it was produced by none other than Mike D.

With a legendary figure from hip-hop in the house, you can imagine that the conversation would turn to what's bubbling up in the UK.

So the Kent duo did the gentlemanly thing: they got Mike D seriously hooked on Meridian Dan's Top 40 smash 'German Whip'.

A true viral hit, the single took the Tottenham don into the charts, and sparked a bona fide social media phenomenon.

Slaves recounted the tale when chatting to Julie Adenuga, for a show that will be broadcast on Beats 1.

"And he absolutely loves it now as well. Like he goes on about it all the time," Isaac Holman told the host. Laurie Vincent added: "He did it on The Echo Chamber thing. He said that was the thing he was most happy about us introducing him to. He was so chuffed."

Well, well.

Julie Adenuga's Beats 1 show goes out at 8pm tonight (October 13th).

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