'Living With Ghosts' due on November 19th

Sigha is set to release his debut album 'Living With Ghosts' through Hot Flush on November 19th.

Real name James Shaw, Sigha carved out his reputation with a series of one off releases on Hot Flush. Sitting in the lineage of UK techno, the producer has a modern edge fuelled by a love of Berlin nightspots such as the Berghain.

Returning to Hot Flush, Sigha has now outlined plans for his debut album. 'Living With Ghosts' will be released on November 19th, with the Berlin based powerhouse once again providing the producer with a home.

Part of the label's policy of encouraging full lengths from their artists, 'Living With Ghosts' will be balanced by a new standalone release. Stripped from the album, 'Scene Couple' / 'Brood' are set to be pressed onto limited quantities of 10 inch vinyl.

'Living With Ghosts' will be available as a CD, download and vinyl. Unusually, Sigha has decided to keep the tracklisting for CD and vinyl editions markedly different - check out the full details below.

1. Mirror
2. Ascension
3. Puritan
4. Scene Couple
5. Translate
6. Suspension
7. Dressing for Pleasure (Ideal)
8. Faith and Labour
9. Delicate
10. Dressing for Pleasure (Extract)
11. She Kills in Ecstasy
12. Aokigahara

A1 Mirror
A2 Dressing for Pleasure (Ideal)
A3 She Kills In Ecstasy

B1 Puritan
B2 Dressing For Pleasure (extract)
B3 Suspension

C1 Translate
C2 Delicate

D1 Aokigahara

- - -

'Living With Ghosts' is set to be released on November 19th.

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