...you could be there!
Scott O)))

In an almost absurdly exciting move, Scott Walker and Sunn O))) are making music together.

To be honest: this simply can't fail. New album 'Soused' emerges on October 20th, but if you can't wait that long then a special listening event has been confirmed.

Taking place on October 14th at the beautiful St John at Hackney church, those present will be able to soak up 'Soused' through a specially designed McIntosh Labs system.

As a bonus, fans will also be able to purchase 'Soused' on CD and vinyl at the show. It's not even one of those annoying 'music industry' events, either - you could be there.

Seriously: just RSVP HERE.

'Soused' is due to be released on October 20th.

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