As sales of black wax continue to soar...

Sainsbury's has staked a claim to be the UK's biggest vinyl retailer.

The supermarket chain introduced a vinyl range earlier this year, marking their re-entrance into the market after a 25 year gap

In their quarterly report Sainsbury's claim to have taken an 8% market share, outstripping that of rival supermarket Tesco.

In a somewhat controversial step, Sainsbury's also claim to have become the biggest vinyl retailer in the UK.

Urban Outfitters made a similar claim for the Stateside market last year, before full exploration of the figures found that Amazon was in fact the market leader. Time will tell!

In other vinyl-related news, the format has broken yet more records. Vinyl sales are at their highest level since 1988, driven in part by big releases from the likes of David Bowie and also the work of Sainsbury's and HMV.

Gennaro Castaldo, Director of Communications at industry watchdog BPI, said in a statement: “Sales of vinyl have risen dramatically since their low point in 2007, with over two million LPs purchased last year for the first time in more than two decades.”

“The BPI has every expectation this trend will continue, and estimates that up to 3.5 million LPs or more could be purchased during the course of 2016”.

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