Exploring the roots of Grime...

Royal-T has pieced together a new mix focussing on Wiley's seminal early work.

Perhaps the most inspiring thing about the latest wave of Grime artists is the way in which they re-interpret their roots. If you head along to a Butterz rave (and by all means do) then you'll be assaulted by a mixture of the latest cuts and early productions, classic tracks and unreleased dubs.

A Rinse mainstay and vital producer in his own right, Royal-T has decided to open up a new series of mixes. Titled RTMIX, the series will form part of Butterz newly-tweaked Sunday Rinse FM show.

Attempting to showcase his influences and inspirations, the RTMIX series opens - logically enough - with Wiley. Currently in chart star mode, the Bow MC and producer helped to fuel the creative fires of the first Grime period with a series of inspiring releases.

Using a variety of tag names, his Eskibeat sound would seal much of styles which would become Grime before signing to XL. Leafing through the archives, Royal-T has put together a mix which contains all the buoyant energy of the period while reflecting Wiley's shapeshifting moods.

Listen to it below.

1. Wiley - Wot Do U Call It?
2. Wiley Kat - Snowman
3. Once Was Nice - What Could I Do (Wiley Kat & Danny Weed Vocal Mix)
4. Outlaw Breaks - Dutty (feat. Gemma Fox & Sweetie Irie) (Wiley Remix)
5. Wiley Kat - Shanghai
6. Wiley Kat - Ice Rink (Tinchy Stryder Vocal)
7. Wiley Kat - Ice Rink (Kano Vocal)
8. Wiley Kat - Ice Rink (Dizzee Rascal Vocal)
9. Wiley Kat - Snowball
10. Ludacris - Roll Out (Wiley Kat Remix)
11. Plasticman - Gotcha (Dr. Venom Refix)
12. Wiley Kat - Eskimo
13. Starfox - Blink
14. Geeneus - Genie
15. Wiley Kat - Frostbite (Devils Mix)
16. Wiley Kat - Bang Bang (Scratchy Vocal)
17. Wiley - 20 Minutes
18. Danny Weed - Creeper
19. Royal-T - Glacier
20. Wiley Kat - Eskimo 3 (New Brand Flex Refix) (Live Recording from 'Climax vs Loveshy' (2002))


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