As row over Israeli show deepens...
Roger Waters

Roger Waters has issued a stern rebuke to Radiohead after the Oxford band chose to continue with their Israeli concert.

The move was announced earlier this year, immediately sparking debate over the moral rights and wrongs of playing a show in Israel.

Roger Waters is a supporter of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Movement (BDS), and immediately criticised the band's decision.

Now in a Facebook live interview with BDS the former Pink Floyd songwriter has reiterated his stance, and taken further umbrage with Thom Yorke's response.

"I know Thom Yorke’s been whining about how he feels insulted," he said. "Well, Thom, you shouldn’t feel insulted because if you did know what’s going on, you would have a conversation with (director) Ken Loach, who’s been begging you to have a conversation, or with me."

"I begged you, Thom. I sent you a number of emails, begging you to have a conversation, as did Brian Eno. You ignored us all; you won't speak to anyone about anything. So it’s that kind of isolationism that is extremely unhelpful to everybody."

Thom Yorke sent Ken Loach a statement on Twitter, expanding on the group's thinking: "Playing in a country isn’t the same as endorsing its government. We’ve played in Israel for over 20 years through a succession of governments, some more liberal than others. As we have in America. We don’t endorse (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin) Netanyahu any more than Trump, but we still play in America."

PACBI, the Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel, have also issued a statement concerning Radiohead's decision to play the show:

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