Check out the artwork...

Rihanna held a special event in Los Angeles last night (October 7th) in which she unveiled details of her new album.

The record is reportedly titled 'ANTI' while the artwork has been formally unveiled - check it out up top. In a brief clip Rihanna said: This is my favorite album cover I've ever done."

Alas, there is still no word of an official release date...

Elsewhere, Rihanna has given an interview to Vanity Fair with the singer speaking out over the way society treats victims of domestic abuse. The comment comes as the the N.F.L chose not to play Rihanna’s track 'Run This Town' during an opening-week broadcast due to Ray Rice being violent towards his partner.

"I just never understood that," she says. "like how the victim gets punished over and over. It’s in the past, and I don’t want to say ‘Get over it,’ because it’s a very serious thing that is still relevant; it’s still real. A lot of women, a lot of young girls, are still going through it. A lot of young boys too."

"It’s not a subject to sweep under the rug, so I can’t just dismiss it like it wasn’t anything, or I don’t take it seriously. But, for me, and anyone who’s been a victim of domestic abuse, nobody wants to even remember it. Nobody even wants to admit it. So to talk about it and say it once, much less 200 times, is like... I have to be punished for it? It didn’t sit well with me."

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