Sheffield troubadour returns

Celebrated songwriter Richard Hawley is set to return with a new batch of lush orchestration and northern wit in the form of new album 'Truelove's Gutter'.

Richard Hawley is possibly the glue that keeps the Sheffield music scene together. The guitarist led The Longpigs to Britpop success before joining Pulp, led by his close friend Jarvis Cocker.

A noted session musician, Richard Hawley once auditioned for Morrissey's backing band (unsuccessfully) before playing the guitar solo on All Saints' version of 'Under The Bridge'.

Aside from his work as a sideman, Richard Hawley is also a gifted songwriter in his own right. The singer takes his inspiration from the acts who prowled the Working Men's Clubs of his hometown, blending lush orchestration with rockabilly rhythms.

Hawley's last album was 'Lady's Bridge' named in honour of a landmark in Sheffield. His most successful to date, the singer followed this was an appearance on Elbow's landmark album 'The Seldom Seen Kid'.

In a nice twist, Richard Hawley campaigned for the renovation of 'Lady's Bridge' and was later invited to perform at the re-opening ceremony.

In addition to this Hawley has worked with Arctic Monkeys and Tony Christie, and received a shock nomination in the Brit Award category for 'Best British Male' earlier this year.

Working on his new album for some time, 'Truelove's Gutter' was recorded in his hometown's Yellow Arch studios. In a statement the artist said "I use a load of odd sounds on this album that are not heard on many other records," he said.

"The sounds in my head on a lot of the tracks - I didn't even know what they were called!"

Richard Hawley is due to release his new album 'Truelove's Gutter' on September 21st. Tracklisting is as follows:

'As The Dawn Breaks'
'Open Up The Door'
'Ashes On The Fire'
'Remorse Code'
'Don't Get Hung Up In Your Soul'
'Soldier On'
'For Your Lover, Give Some Time'
'Don’t You Cry'

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