Indie outfit may shift sound on album four
Johnny Borell

Forgetting that nobody really gave a shit about their third album, 'Slipway Fires' (accidentally positive review HERE), Razorlight are ploughing onwards, even going so far as to suggest their next LP could feature a major shift of style.

The band's frontman Johnny Borrell - pictured - told daily red-top The Mirror: "[Our next album] is going to be a different sound. I want to collaborate with someone. I'm thinking a house music extravaganza."

From lumpen lad rock to riotous rave anthems? Heck, stranger things have happened - Borrell's dating of a Hollywood actress being one of them. The singer also spoke to the tabloid 'paper about his time in The Libertines - he left early on to start Razorlight.

"I was sifting through some old things the other day and found a piece of paper with some songs from Carl [Barat] on it. [But] that was another era - I wish them all the best if they do get back together."

And if they do get back together - The Libs that is - expect to see said scrap on eBay. After all, it's not like the 'Light make any money from record sales these days, right? WE JOKE, WE JOKE... Love you, Johnny.

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