Andy Burrows leaves band

Indie giants Razorlight have been rocked by the news that drummer Any Burrows has quit the band.

Formed by mouthy lead singer Johnny Burrell, Razorlight have grown to become one of Britain's biggest groups. Their last album 'Slipway Fires' was released last year to massive commercial success, with Razorlight playing a sell out UK tour.

Ironically the band have failed to repeat this success in the United States. Razorlight have sold a fraction of the amount in they sold in Britain, and the group were due to tour their later this year.

Burrows' future with Razorlight had been under scrutiny when the drummer failed to appear at a gig in Wolverhampton on March 2nd and was replaced by another musician.

"The past five years in Razorlight have been an amazing experience," Burrows told the NME. "I am very proud of everything that myself, Johnny, Carl (Dalemo) and Bjorn (Agren) have achieved together, but for personal reasons I have decided to leave the band. I will be pursuing other musical ventures."

Singer Johnny Borrell said in a statement that "from the day he walked into our rehearsal studio it was obvious that he was an amazing drummer and he’s contributed on many levels beyond that. He's been a great player and a great friend and I think we'll both always be proud of the music we've made together."

"As far as the band's future is concerned, we're all looking forward to touring... and getting on with making our next record."


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