Tune in today (October 23rd)...
The Next Day

A promotional clip recorded by David Bowie in 1973 is set to be aired on 6Music for the first time today (October 23rd).

In one fell swoop, David Bowie emerged from creative hibernation and re-established himself as one of pop's most provocative forces. New album 'The Next Day' received overwhelming critical acclaim, with the cover providing a neat glimpse of Bowie's dis-regard for his own back catalogue.

An extended version of 'The Next Day' is in the pipeline, and to celebrate 6Music have dug out something special. David Bowie recorded a 15 minute promotional show for 'Pin Ups' which was intended to be broadcast on radio.

Never used, it was recently re-discovered and will be played in full on 6Music today (October 23rd). Nigel Reeve is entrusted with caring for Bowie's back catalogue, and commented:

"I discovered it during some research several years ago. It was in an old tape vault on 1/4" tape with simply the words 'Radio Show' written on it. This is such a rare find. No-one knew of its existence, apart from David and Ken (Scott, the album and radio show's producer). To play it for the first time was quite simply a jaw-dropping moment." (via NME)

The show is set to be played in parts across 6Music today, before being placed on iPlayer for fans to listen to in its entirety.

'The Next Day Extra' is set to be released on November 4th.

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