Download Radiohead's latest album, In Rainbows.

In Rainbows, the seventh studio album by alternative rock group Radiohead, has become available for download from their official website.

The band have let fans decide what to pay for the 10 MP3 files - from nothing to £100.

But they have refused to reveal how many people have ordered the album, or what they paid.

Sunday's top 40 will not provide an answer, either. The band's website does not report sales to chart compilers.

I thought Radiohead were supposed to be the masters of invention and innovation

What's the album worth?
However, the Oxford-based band have scored number one positions for their last three studio albums - Kid A, Amnesiac and Hail To The Thief.

No artwork

Radiohead are the latest act to circumvent the traditional routes of supplying music to their fans.

Earlier this year, Prince gave away copies of his latest album, Planet Earth, with the Mail on Sunday newspaper in the UK.

Indie band the Charlatans are also giving away their next album as a free download to fans who visit the website of radio station XFM.

The download version of Radiohead's album contains no artwork or lyrics.

The files are provided without copy protection - meaning fans can copy them to any other computer or music-playing device.

A retail version is expected next year, while fans can also pre-order a £40 "discbox" from the band's website, which has extra tracks, a vinyl version of the album, and a lyric booklet as well as the download.


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