'Bitter Salt' gets taken in a fresh, electronic direction...
Jake Bugg

Jake Bugg has broader taste than you might think.

On the phone to Clash a few months ago, the Nottingham songwriter spoke passionately about his love for hip-hop, about his association with the primal charm of the blues.

New album 'On My One' attempts to bring these influences together, and - as a result - it's perhaps his broadest, most astute, and most rounded release to date. It's not gone un-noticed.

Theo Kottis has stepped in to re-work 'Bitter Salt', retaining that earthy vocal but setting it in a daring new electronic context.

Theo: "For me, a big part of DJing and producing is being able to adapt to different genres and incorporate my own sound into someone else's. The opportunity to work with a name as well established as Jake Bugg, who has such a unique voice was really exciting to me - I loved the challenge of blending both our styles and delivering a track that tested my techniques."

"When I saw him play back in 2013, I was really impressed with his rawness - he's carried that well into his new music - I hope everyone enjoys my interpretation of this!"

Check it out below.

'On My One' will be released on August 26th.

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