Hypnotic folk-hewn songwriting...

Steph Brown's intense songwriting has a rare intimacy, with each note seeming to be hewn from her own life.

Take new single 'Feel You Near'. A bold, stark return, its folk shades explore the trust that emerges from a truly loving relationship.

Crafted in cooperation with Kev Minney, the cyclical guitar lines build into a web of sound, while Steph's piercing vocal radiates with emotion.

She explains...

“The track is about the rediscovery of your romantic partner. It’s about how sometimes, in a relationship, you can lose touch and have to navigate your way back to love. Committing is about trusting that process. In the video you see Kev and I in the same room but back to back, illustrating that while we are in the same space, we don’t or can’t recognise it or find each other.”

Tune in now.

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