An open-ended return from the Edinburgh quartet...

Edinburgh group Redolent have an open-ended sense of creativity.

Matching the wide-eyed splendour of those early MGMT cuts to a driving Krautrock indebted chassis, the band are a renowned live force.

Incoming EP 'Sgitheanach' is typically broad, with Redolent fusing their incessant live appeal with increasing confidence in the studio.

We're able to share new cut 'Dantercepies', and it's endless forward rush has a real physicality, a sense of being simply unstoppable.

"'Dantercepies' is is the name of a massive cable car," lead singer Robin Herbert explains. "I used to get anxiety as a kid waiting in them, so the song is about that feeling building up into the release of adrenaline from skiing."

Tune in now.

'Dantercepies' will be released on February 2nd.

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