It's Zaandam punk vs Rotterdam punk...
Rats On Rats / De Kift

The Netherlands has a wonderfully self-contained, enormously creative music scene.

The nation's fetid underground has spawned numerous unique talents, the sort of musicians who simply couldn't spring from elsewhere.

Two astounding noise merchants recently paired off on a joint project, with Rats On Rafts crossing swords with De Kift.

It's Zaandam punk vs Rotterdam punk, with the twin groups fusing their dynamic, barrier-crushing approach.

New album 'Rats On Rafts / De Kift' drops on October 14th, with Clash able to premiere new cut 'Sleep Little Links 2 3 4' before anyone else.

It's a righteous noise - all blistering guitar and punchy vocals, the driving, demanding onward rush simply demands your attention.

Check it out now.

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