New York based trio signal return...

Simplicity, that's the key.

For a young group thrust into the studio, it must be easy to fall prey to temptation. Surrounded by technology, songwriting swiftly becomes replaced by an overwhelming desire to play with these new toys.

Yet Quilt have a wonderfully simple approach. Allowing each track to breath, the New York based trio are able to impact an enormous sense of personality, of character onto their material.

New album 'Heald In Splendour' drops on February 17th via Mexican Summer, and it's a beautifully wrought piece of psych-pop songcraft. Reminiscent of Galaxie 500 in a codeine funk, the album was seemingly pieced together in lengthy, ten hour long studio stretches.

Shane Butler explains: "We’re really attracted to records where each song has its own voice. We wanted to focus on what each song had to say... having the studio, demoing the songs and knowing each other better as musicians helped make that happen. That was a really exciting process for us."

Ahead of its release, Clash is able to trail the forthcoming album by premiering new track 'Tie Up The Tides'. A slow, graceful piece of songwriting delivered with a real sense of poetry, you can stream it below.

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