Taken from new EP 'Babylon'...
PUZZLE (Credit: Laura Lewis)

PUZZLE is, well, a puzzle.

A pop enigma wrapped in a melodic mystery, he fuses artful electronics with some incredible moments of hook-laden songwriting.

New EP 'Babylon' is a case in point. Dramatic, engrossing, and packed with fresh ideas, the material is hewn from a deeply personal place.

“The EP's a commentary on human interactions, both emotionally and physically, in the digital age,” PUZZLE says. “Through these two characters I tell a story of how digital over physical is changing the way we deal with each other.”

Clash is able to share new cut 'Little Black Book', and it's austere pop melodicism is reminiscent of early Depeche Mode, or even Pet Shop Boys.

Lucid and wholly fascinating, you can check out 'Little Black Book' below.

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