Bringing Riot Grrrl attitude to Southend...
Petty Phase

Southend isn't the prettiest town in the world, but for Asylums it's home sweet home.

So when the band set about crafting their own label, they looked around them for influences - and found an abundance.

Cool Thing Records - snazzy title, huh? - is set to present a new four track EP shortly, headed up by Asylums themselves. The 'Alternative Occupations' EP, though, is also a scene primer, containing some friends, peers, contemporaries, and erstwhile allies.

Petty Phase is a new four-piece outfit bringing the spirit of Riot Grrrl to Southend. Taking no shit from anyone, their rama-lama punk sound is worth comparing to early Hole, L7, or even The Runaways.

New cut 'You'll Be Dead' appears on the upcoming EP (pre-order HERE), and it's a snarling blast of righteous noize. Jennifer Young (Vocals / Guitar) sez:

"We had the best time recording 'You’ll Be Dead', it was like a weird roadtrip to Wonderland for the day and we ate a lot of grapes. I love that we’ve been included on the Cool Thing Records EP. Asylums, The Horse Heads and BAIT have such great tunes and it’s really cool that our track is on the record with them."

"The Southend music scene is humming, it’s a really exciting place play right now. We’ve seen bands come down from London and Manchester just to play at The Railway Hotel, and why wouldn’t you? We love playing there. We played with T-Bitch for Halloween, it was insane, in the best way. A.C.I.D. are a really exciting band on the scene, their tunes are good for the soul, they smashed the Cool Thing Records stage at Village Green this year."

Check out 'You'll Be Dead' below.

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