A gorgeous, spectral return...

Margaux Avril manages to span the Atlantic.

With dual French-American citizenship, the performer fits two different aspects of her personality into one aural vision.

Releasing a French language album in 2013, her subtle, cinematic pop won a devoted cult audience far beyond the Francophone world.

Set to release a new record next year, Margaux Avril has decided to trail this with gorgeous, spectral track 'Soon'.

Airing first on Clash, it's a slow-moving, graceful work. She explains:

This song is very personal because it tells about my way to get through life; its disappointments, surprises, relationships, gut-feelings… Fits well with my wavery personality! It’s quite ambiguous I think, also because you can listen to it at any time of your day or life… When you’re happy, melancholic, walking around, waking up; in the beginning of your evening or late at night… It has something sulphurous, still sharp and mysterious. Writing and singing the song felt like doing an auto-portrait - but trying not to reveal everything at once…

Tune in now.

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