A riveting debut single...

Maccie doesn't let anything get in her way.

Raised in foster care, she's pushed against serious obstacles during her life, but always knew that something would come of it.

Driven, focussed, and musical, debut single 'High' is a provocative, inspiring piece of synth pop. Let's allow Maccie to introduce herself...

"I grew up in Portland, Ontario in foster care, and from a young age I used music as an escape. I always had a passion for singing but when I discovered the piano at age 8 I was hooked. I taught myself by ear, I learned piano, then moved on to guitar, djembe and kora. After I broke free of the foster care system, I travelled to Toronto where I enrolled at Ryerson University for Recording Arts. 'High' is about being resilient. It is about seeing the truth behind the lies in order to survive. Above all 'High' is about acknowledging a negative situation or toxic relationship and deciding to emerge from it independent, happy, and ever more confident in yourself. 'High' is about self appreciation­­."

Check it out now.

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