From Australian Gold Coast to Manchester...
Lyon Apprentice

Lyon Apprentice left the Australian Gold Coast behind, seeking out something new, something different.

What they found was Manchester. The duo are based in the city, firmly implanted in its music scene but still retaining their Australian identity.

New cut 'Alice' epitomises their journey. Downcast synth-pop that contains an inner glow, it owes its inspirational to an inspirational true story.

Adam states: "Alice was a 92 year-old patient of mine when I worked as an exercise physiologist. We became good friends. She often told stories of her late husband’s experiences in WWII as an RAF Lancaster bomber pilot and how he died of cancer five years after the war ended, leaving her with four children. Reflecting on her marriage, she once told me ‘when I feel this way, I learn to walk on’ and the line stuck with me. Perseverance is a quality I admire and my conversations with Alice always left me humbled, grateful and inspired."

Check it out now.

Photo Credit: Tommy Davies

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