Krista Papista
It's a stark, provocative new video...

Provocative alt-pop artist Krista Papista was born in Cyprus but now splits her time between Berlin and London.

Using electronic pop to annihilate the patriarchy, her powerful performances have a larger than life persona.

New single 'Sultana' flips the term on its head, using it as a vehicle for empowerment amid a history of repression.

Nika Mahnič interprets: "'Sultana' is most often known as a raisin. Her story whispers, however, about sultanas as women related to sultans. The sultana of sordid pop, Krista Papista, gives it a new meaning. In the era when ‘Let me dance alone’ is a rallying cry ambivalent towards our isolating, as well as empowering individuality and independence, our fingers are reserved when touching bloody others, but firm and invested when touching screens."

"What should, but probably does not, strike us in Sultana`s dream-like eroticised isolation - as it is ever more normalised - is the absence of shared attention and face-to-face intimacy. The masked women touch Krista with limp fingers: their eyes do not touch her physical body, but solely scroll through her digital selves."

Tune in now.

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