A gorgeous cover of the Jeremih original...

Within one listen you can tell Katelyn Tarver has good taste.

From her divine delivery right down to her taut yet melodic songwriting, the rising artist has the air of someone who simply knows her music.

New EP 'Tired Eyes' drops on November 18th, given a full vinyl pressing by Duly Noted Records.

Ahead of this, Katelyn Tarver has shot a live session, featuring a few surprises, a few pointers of where her head is at.

'Planez' was written by Jeremih, and the low-down hip-hop beat is set against some blissful R&B textures. In the hands of Katelyn Tarver it becomes something else entirely, an innately feminine response.

Check it out now.

Oh, and check out 'Weekend Millionaire' while you're here...

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