A rich, moving piece of music...
Jeffrey James (Credit: Alaina Latona)

Nashville is known in the United States as 'The Music City'.

It's easy to see why - a fulcrum for country music, it has supplied the world with some enduring icons.

Rising label South x Sea is based in a city at the crossroads, moving away from the certainties of the past to embrace the possibilities of the future.

New signing Jeffrey James is a case in point, with his rich, tempered brand of songwriting managing to sound both completely current and totally current.

Clash is able to premiere new cut 'Both Ways', and it's a wonderfully soulful offering from an exciting new talent. Jeffrey explains:

"Sometimes you can love someone for who they are and still try to change a part of their personality. You might not even know you're doing it, but it happens as you get closer to somebody. Both Ways is about being on the receiving end of that criticism and saying, "This is who I am. This is who you were attracted to when we first met. So figure out if you love me for me, or if you want someone else." I know I've been in this situation many times. And either we work through it, or it ends the relationship."

Check it out now.

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