Shoegaze sounds with a psychedelic flourish...
Is Bliss

Is Bliss formed over a t-shirt.

Bass player Dean Edwards clocked vocalist/guitarist Jimmy Stuart wearing a My Bloody Valentine tee, and the pair stopped for a quick conversation.

That chat turned into another, and - before long - they'd begun to swap ideas, gradually turning those ideas into songs.

Based in rural Hampshire, Is Bliss fuse shoegaze tapestries with psychedelic flourishes, as well as introducing elements of gothic soundscapes into their music.

Produced by Pat Collier, new EP 'Velvet Dreams' arrives on October 21st via reliable house of fuzz Club AC30.

Clash is able to premiere new cut 'Ocean Blue', and it seems to lose itself amid the sheer beauty sound can offer.

Guitar pedals blur into one seamless whole, wiping away distinct edges to create gloriously amorphous amplified noise. Check it out now.

Photo Credit: Andy Hughes

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