"A self-help break up song..."
Indigo Husk

London four-piece Indigo Husk are hopelessly honest in their songwriting.

The band's feelings bleed through, lending an emotional edge to their garage punk tinged brand of indie musicality.

New single 'Waste Of A Year' is billed as "a self-help break up song" and it perfectly captures the feelings of confusion and anger that emanate after the demise of a relationship.

Indigo Husk explains: "It challenges that 'angry phase' after a break up that so many people go through, where they feel like they have wasted their time with the wrong person. The track is our heaviest yet and it intends to serve the purpose of recharging the listener's batteries, potentially after a difficult break-up where they might feel lost and angry."

The video builds on these themes, with that slight lo-fi effect on the film making the whole situation seem like a scene from the 90s.

The directors explain: "To visually represent a relationship that’s been a waste of time we’re shown vignettes of Joe in a relationship with a mannequin. These narrative scenes of the two of them lovingly gazing into one another’s eyes and on dates are intercut with shots of the band performing in a make-shift studio location. The video was shot entirely on Mini DV in 4:3 aspect ratio and basic visual effects are used to add to the lo-fi, nineties feel of the video."

The band's Joe Hamm adds: "I think the video is a humorous approach to a situation that has effected and upset so many people. We wanted it to be an accessible break-up song and I think we have achieved that, whilst hopefully making you laugh a little in the process!"

Tune in now.

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