Blissed out electronic pop with a heavenly feel...

Leeds based composer imi is constantly reaching towards the divine.

Pushing ahead with each track, her incoming EP underlines both her ambition, and the breadth of her work.

It's about the push and pull between moving forwards and appreciating the everyday, somehow finding a safe place between the two.

She comments: "While my ambition for change hasn’t faltered, my perspective has matured in a way that is more accepting and is able to find happiness in the everyday..."

New cut 'The Fence' epitomises this, and airs first through Clash. Heavenly electronics that swirl up into a hallucinatory mesh of sound, it's driven by a desire towards expression.

imi continues: "'The Fence' is the mediating balance between these two sides, and is essentially the decision you make to take control of your life and start taking responsibility for your own misfortunes or happiness."

Tune in now.

Photo Credit: Portia Hunt

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