Supreme pop talent takes centre-stage...

IMAN is a supreme pop talent.

As a songwriter, she has worked with a host of huge artists, notching up double and even triple platinum releases.

Yet she always wanted something to call her own. Deciding the time was right to take centre-stage, IMAN is set to launch herself into 2017 with a frenzy.

New single 'Wishing' leads the way, and it's a divine fusion of gossamer R&B melody and electronic production.

Crisp, ambitious, and wholly bewitching, it's a dancefloor smasher with just a hint of tropical pop. She explains:

“I took my opportunities, I own it, I deserve it and I'm worthy of it. It's taken sacrifices but it's just how it was supposed to be and I'm grateful for the lessons learned. I'm still growing and I have so much more music to bring to the table. Really I'm just getting started”.

Tune in now.

Visit IMAN's official website.

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