Taking it back to the roots...
Healthy Bones

Healthy Bones have never been hugely addicted to technology.

Sure, it can offer much, but these advances have also stripped away core skills, making us more and more reliant on machinery.

As a result, the band want to strip things back, to go organic and use instruments, and their own will-power, instead of technology.

New single 'Take It From Me' is as real as they come, a determined step back from the edge that feels progressive, not nostalgic.

The band's founder explains...

“It is a slight 'reaction' to what I believe is the overuse of technology out of laziness and not for the benefit of the music, which I think is becoming more common. Creative use of technology can help push boundaries and create amazing soundscapes which I am a huge fan of, but I think a lot of current music lacks personality and a human element.“

Tune in now.

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