New London artist highlighting the need for social change...

Fredwave is a hardened product of London.

He sings, writes and produces tracks to escape from the reality of his youth and surroundings. Using this output he confronts the pressures of the city as it drenches him in feelings of constriction by living within a system which isn't made for someone like him.

Fred uses a dark atmospheric tempo within 'Change' to encompass the fears and aspirations he is burdened with regarding what the future holds for him as a young person in London.

His production takes cues from the UK underground music grime scene but his approach is often more experimental as heard in past releases like 'Home'.

'Change' evokes a relatable feeling to anyone living in the city and struggling. Fredwave highlights the urgency for social change.

Check it out now.

Words: Isis O'Regan

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