"It's a pop song about addiction..."
Frank Hamilton

So let's start with the numbers.

Frank Hamilton began with a marketing budget of zero, and a team in one. Yet in the space of 12 months his #OneSongaWeek project became a social media sensation, with his debut album reaching number one on iTunes.

Follow up record 'Songs To Make Life Slightly Less Awkward' drops on June 17th, and Clash is able to premiere lead cut 'Lovedrug'.

Beneath the rippling melody and upbeat feel lie some rather darker tones, with the songwriter delivering one of his most complex yet immediately enjoyable cuts to date.

"It's a pop song about addiction," says Frank. "Which is something most of us have struggled with at times. I'm not talking about tabloid style, headline grabbing addictions like drugs, alcohol and gambling - I'm talking about anything and everything. Love, the internet, Candy Crush, ANYTHING."

'Lovedrug' will be released on April 29th - tune in below.

'Songs To Make Life Slightly Less Awkward' is due to be released on June 17th.

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