Joanna Newsom's classic track re-cast...
Foxtails Brigade

One of the signs of a truly great song is that it can be covered and re-cast in different environments.

Joanna Newsom has written more than her fair share of great songs, with the songwriter spawning a number of cover versions.

Foxtails Brigade are clearly enamoured with her work, and recently recorded a version of Newsom's wonderful 'Book Of Right On'. An enthralling re-working, the arrangement is entirely new but the essence of the original still shines through.

Anton Patzner explains: "'Book of Right On' is my personal favorite Joanna Newsom song and I love the way that she does it. We wanted to capture as much of the spirit of her version as we could without making a total repeat. The arrangement really started to take on a life of its own once we got Josh in with all of his crazy pedals."

Check it out now.

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