Riotous psychedelic punks from Bradford...

FLING hail from Bradford, a city with a close-knit music scene, one that thrives on DIY ethics and real independence.

Which perhaps explains why they're so out there: flamboyant yet corrosive psychedelic punk, their imaginative whimsy is shot through with brutal Northern wit.

Working with Dance To The Radio, FLING will release new material on April 22nd as part of the 4x12” vinyl compilation series.

New cut 'Lookin' Outta My Window' airs on Clash, and it's a vivid, hypnotic return, a portrait of life on the edge.

The band explain: "'Lookin' Outta My Window' is a monologue of an individual who prefers viewing life rather than being a part of it. In a hazy slow motion smoke filled kinda way..."

Tune in now.

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