A striking combination...
Engine-Earz Experiment

Prash Mistry is nothing if not broad.

A producer, songwriter, arranger, and musician, his work defies categorisation, rejoices in the unexpected.

Using the name Engine-Earz Experiment, new album 'Symbol' is forthcoming on Circus Records.

Ahead of this, the producer has packed some of his fresh material into a teaser EP, and it contains some powerful moments.

'Light From One' contrasts his production with Ane Brun's evocative vocal, a wonderfully balanced collaboration that flits between light and shade.

Prash tells us: "Just as the record is a collaboration, we were really excited to keep the same philosophy with the visuals. This video is one part of the larger visual anthology we assembled for 'Symbol' which Drew Cox and I conceptualised and he filmed around the UK with each song’s visuals connects into a full story."

"Ane’s amazing performance parts were filmedin Stockholm by Ted Malmros. Drew was then able to bring it all together here in the UK. 'Light From One' tells a tale of the need to isolate, to self-reflect and to draw energy from the voices of our ancestors to empower us to be stronger ready for the challenges that face us in the present."

Clash has first dibs on the video, tune in below.

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