Taken from 'forgetmoveondontcare' EP...

Real name Dor Turgeman, Dorj grew up on the Israeli coast.

Surrounded by nature, the young artist was also surrounded by music - in fact, Dorj was taught to sing by his grandfather, once a famous singer in Morocco.

Studying classic composition at university in Tel Aviv, Dorj' upbringing was nothing if not varied. Returning to pop, the singer has been able to bring an enormous amount of experience to the table.

Debut EP 'forgetmoveondontcare' is forthcoming, with Clash able to air new track 'Don't Care'. Slickly executed with no small degree of charisma, the machine funk is matched to an emotive flair.

Check it out now.

Catch Dorj at London venue Notting Hill Arts Club tomorrow night (July 29th).

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