New York duo with plenty of soul...
'New Faces II'

Kitsune has always had a commitment to new music.

The Parisian powerhouse has once again stepped up to the plate with 'New Faces II'. A compilation featuring some unknown and rapidly rising producers, it's set to be released on February 23rd (pre-order LINK).

As usual, it's a diverse and varied collection. Gildas Loaec, Kitsuné’s boss and the man behind all the signatures, sums it up: “It’s important for the label to regularly escape its comfort zone. You won’t know many of those new talented faces yet, but I can guarantee that you’ll want to know more about them once you give these songs a listen.”

Clash is able to present Beau's opening track 'One Wing'. A duo from New York, Beau have a soft and soulful style, managing to make sparse instrumentation forge an epic sound.

'One Wing' is a nice, relaxing intro for Kitsune's new comp; soothing yet with a lyrical bite, it's very much the calm before the storm.

Check it out now.

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