90s cult heroes emerge from the shadows...
Animals That Swim

Music tends to rush past at an incredible speed, meaning that some particularly fine records can quickly become smothered.

Animals That Swim are one such example. The band's debut album 'Workshy' was a spectacular critical success on its release two decades ago, and it has remained a key touchstone for fans ever since.

One Little Indian are re-releasing 'Workshy' on February 3rd, with a host of B-sides and other rare material to illuminate the album process.

A unique change to re-visit an oft overlooked part of Britain's music tapestry, Clash is able to trail the re-issue with a neat preview.

'City Drift' is an intoxicating piece of songwriting, with the lyrics seeming to turn each other inside out while the music pours along underneath.

Steeped in intelligence, 'City Drift' is a timely reminder of just how special 'Workshy' - and Animals That Swim - could be.

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