Taut, visceral pop-edged indie from Glasgow...

Glasgow is a focal point, a place for people to meet, become connected, and dream great dreams.

Take ACRYLIC - unless each member had moved to Glasgow they never would have met, let alone been inspired to form a band.

Shows locally have caused huge underground buzz, with those crisp guitar chords set against peerless melody and Andreas Chrsitodoulidis' brooding baritone.

Having already sold out Glasgow’s prestigious King Tuts, ACRYLIC recently locked themselves away in the studio to work on a snappy new single.

'I've Got Too Many Friends' is gently anthemic, with the lyrics picking apart a so-called "ideal situation" to find the darkness underneath.

Andreas elaborates: "'I've Got Too Many Friends' is about feeling as though you’ve found yourself in an ideal situation, with all the pieces falling together, and knowing that you’re still going to mess it up. It’s about a rift developing in a relationship and explores the naive idea that sex will resolve your issues, even though it will, in fact, be a colourless and sad affair and will most likely send you straight to the abyss.”

Tune in now.

'I've Got Too Many Friends' will be released on January 11th - pre-save LINK.

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