Snappy, infectious indie rock...

1955 take their name from one of rock music's pivotal years, a year that saw rock 'n' roll become a teenage phenomenon.

It's a bold move, but one that could pay off. The band's taut, snappy songwriting recalls those early Strokes cuts, or even power pop kingpins such as Cheap Trick.

Three minute pop songs delivered with style and attitude, their off kilter wit has a David Lynch influence to it.

New cut 'How'd You Come Here' seems to needle its way into your sub-conscious on first listen, an immediately contagious piece of indie bluster.

1955 explain: "'How'd You Come Here' is a swaggering jam that finds 1955 asking how we came to this world, where we go next, and what the hell we are doing while here. With a tip of the hat to the original starman, David Bowie, the band explores these big questions with driving energy and an off-the-cuff charm."

Clash is able to premiere the accompanying visuals – check it out below.

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