Precious, sparse neo-classical pieces with an organic beauty...
Poppy Ackroyd

Poppy Ackroyd has a quiet sense of individuality.

A composer of real talent, she's able to work in softly advancing measures, tackling each project with real finesse.

Lauded by the likes of Hauschka and Nils Frahm, new mini-album 'Sketches' comes right at the perfect time.

Out on July 14th, it's an intriguing document, with the lightness of touch belying the seriousness with which Polly tackles each subject.

A trio of songs about birds - aptly titled 'The Birds' - form a mini-suite of sorts, with each note dancing and fluttering to the next. She explains:

“'Feathers' is a piece about hope - 'Hope is the thing with Feathers' (Emily Dickinson), 'Birdwoman' is a reworking of a piece I originally wrote as a soundtrack to a silent film based on a Siberian folk tale, and 'Glass Sea' attempts to capture the feel of a boat trip I took to the remote islands of North Rona and Sula Sgeir, North of the Outer Hebrides. The ocean was unusually still, reflecting the sky like a sheet of glass, but the sky became busy with birds as we approached the islands.”

Clash is able to premiere 'The Birds' and it makes for incredibly soothing listening.

Catch Poppy Ackroyd at London's Village Underground on June 30th (with Hauschka).

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