But there's a depth to their songwriting, as well...

Playing House are DIY outsiders with a difference.

Blazing with energy, their message is rooted in queer identity, while it also incorporates feminist beliefs and body positive messages.

Surrealistic songwriting emblazoned with colour, their music has the rawness of the underground but with a disco-pop energy, a bit like a punk-inclined UK version of Hercules & Love Affair (except with more guitars).

New single 'Not Good' is a bold return, a blast of disco-fied pop music that pits neon tones against deeper meanings.

"'Not Good' is a surrealist look at the absurdity of the ambivalence to all things not good," Mel Patman tells us, "It’s a song that could only be written in the surreal reality that we're living in right now, in the middle of the destruction of the planet, consumerism, inequalities, sexism, increased anxiety and depression. The song takes a pop at ambivalence, watching everything go wrong and doing nothing."

She adds: "It’s also about how those abuses take place in relationships. It was written following a really damaging relationship where there was gaslighting and manipulation but I couldn’t leave. Sometimes the safest thing is ambivalence when you are not permitted the power by people or society to change things. I wanted to write something that is both truthful and empowering."

Tune in now.

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