"There’s been a shift in the lineup, big woop-dee-doo..."

Pixies frontman Black Francis has spoken about bass player Kim Shattuck's departure from the band.

It's been a strange year for Pixies. The band's internal dynamic seemed to break down, with Kim Deal leaving the band to pursue other projects.

Kim Shattuck took her place, but the bass player's stint lasted only a few months before she, too, was pointed towards the exit.

Speaking to the NME, the musician explained that she had been fired via phone call and that no one from the band had spoken to her.

"I was surprised. Everything had gone well, the reviews were all good and the fans were super-nice about everything" she explained. "They were like, “We love you, New Kim!” We said goodbye at the airport, and the following morning, the manager called me and said: “The band has made the decision to go with another bass player.” I was shocked… I get the feeling they’re more introverted people than I am. Nobody really talked about deep issues, at least out loud."

Now Black Francis has given his tuppence worth. Speaking to Yahoo Music (via Pitchfork) the frontman was asked about Kim Shattuck's departure, responding: "I guess it’s a fair question, but what I would say is, just because some shows went well or a recording session went well with somebody, that doesn’t mean that now you guys are married and this is forever. It’s not really how it works when you’re a band. And it’s hard to explain to people, especially if they get emotionally attached to one person…"

"Frankly, you don’t want to explain it to anybody – it’s a lot of its personal, private shit. It’s like politics and sports and people’s personal lives have all been smeared together in this modern world. It’s a very presumptuous attitude about a lot of things. (People say) ’Oh you’re shifting something in your world – we demand a statement as to why.’ I’m not the mayor, this isn’t the bus service for a town. This is a rock band. There’s been a shift in the lineup, big woop-dee-doo…as far as we’re concerned it ain’t that big of a deal."

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