Pirate Bay supporters win two seats

A political group who support the website Pirate Bay have won two seats in the European parliament.

Originating in Sweden, the Pirate Party now extends to many countries across Europe. The party intend to protest against copyright laws and protect fans who download music. Astonishingly, The Pirate Party have seen a massive groundswell of support in Sweden since the trial of those involved in The Pirate Bay website, becoming the third largest party in their homeland.

The Pirate Bay was (and still is) a website which allows users to share the locations of torrents - places where music and films can be downloaded. Becoming hugely popular, the Swedish website attracted the attention of the entertainment industry who attempted to shut the site down.

In a high profile trial earlier this year the four young men behind the web site were placed in the dock, and found guilty of copyright infringement. During the court proceedings one member of the accused even went as far as giving fans Twitter updates from the trial.

However it was to no avail as the four men were given one year jail sentences and handed a massive fine. Immediately lodging an appeal the group refuse to pay the fine, and have gained widespread support.

In the recent European elections the Pirate Party gained 7.1% of the total vote, making it possible for them to win two seats. An astonishing result, it means that 200,000 Swedes voted for the party during the ballot.

Pirate Party leader Rick Falkvinge told the website TorrentFreak that he was stunned by the level of his party's success.

"We’ve felt the wind blow in our sails. We’ve seen the polls prior to the election. But to stand here, today, and see the figures coming up on that screen… What do you want me to say? I’ll say anything”

“Together, we have today changed the landscape of European politics. No matter how this night ends, we have changed it,” Falkvinge said. “This feels wonderful. The citizens have understood it’s time to make a difference. The older politicians have taken apart young peoples’ lifestyle, bit by bit. We do not accept that the authorities’ mass-surveillance,” he added.

The Pirate Party also fielded candidates in Germany, where it won just over 1% of the vote.

Also on an election tip, it seems that Pete Doherty's efforts to stop the British National Party have come to nothing. In a recent video message the singer urged fans not to vote for the BNP, whose far right anti-immigration policies are seen by many as being completely against the British way of life.

However the BNP won a record share of the vote, with the results last night indicating that the BNP will net two seats in the European parliament.

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