Former Monkee battles illness

Former member of The Monkees Peter Tork has been diagnosed with a rare form of cancer.

The 67 year old star is suffering from a rare form of head and neck cancer, Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma. The former member of The Monkees made the announcement on his official site on March 3rd, with treatment to begin the following day.

The Monkees are remembered as being one of the first manufactured bands in the modern music industry. However, the band rebelled against their shackles and produced the trip out film 'Head' and its psych-punk soundtrack.

In a statement Tork reassured fans that he remained hopeful the cancer was treatable. "It's a bad news, good news situation," he wrote.

"It's so rare a combination (on the tongue) that there isn't a lot of experience among the medical community about this particular combination. On the other hand, the type of cancer it is, never mind the location, is somewhat well known, and the prognosis, I'm told, is good."

He added: "I am extraordinarily grateful, amazed and humbled by the encouragement, affection and support I've received so far. Barring any complications, I fully expect to honour a performance date I have this June with Shoe Suede Blues. We're appearing in Manchester, Connecticut and I'm looking forward to that and all our tour dates."

Get well soon Peter!

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